Welcome to Khanh Tran for Congress District 17 Information Center FEC ID No. C00640607

Our campaign does not accept any cash donations for the 2018 primary election. If you like to pay for our ads or campaign filing and/or statement fees, we will honor and accept. You can also help by buying this book: "Pathways to Congress - Secrets to Winning Elections" on Amazon after 2018 primary election. We started our voters reach out campaign to introduce our candidate. We are reaching out to more than 160k registered voters by their cell phones. We also started our surveys and polling questions with our voters outreach mobile ads program, and providing the poll results on our site. Candidate Committee F1N ID C00640607 and FEC F2N ID H8CA17097 - Stay tuned for broadcast of our campaign themes. Find out who endorses our campaign. We plan to use Internet webcast to provide our constituency and the public with information about our campaign issues and platform. You can also find us on Twitter. We will schedule regular broadcasts daily during campaign period. Together we will work to provide a catalyst to reinforce our Democratic Party foundation and political platform. Estén atentos para la difusión de nuestros temas de campaña. Averigüe quién apoya nuestra campaña. Planeamos usar la difusión por Internet para proporcionar a nuestro elector y al público información sobre los temas y la plataforma de la campaña. También puedes encontrarnos en Twitter. Programaremos las transmisiones regulares diariamente durante el período de la campaña. We support our democratic leadership and establishment. Apoyamos nuestro liderazgo y establecimiento democrático. Juntos trabajaremos para proporcionar uncatalizador para reforzar nuestra fundación y plataforma política del Partido Demócrata. Nuestra campaña no acepta ninguna donación en efectivo para las elecciones primarias de 2018. Si desea pagar nuestros anuncios o la presentación de campaña y / o los honorarios de extracto, los honraremos y aceptaremos.